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OWASP Academy Portal - FREE OWASP TOP 10 security challenges with Hacking-Lab

The OWASP Academy-Portal is proud to announce the first free online
OWASP TOP 10 security lab based on Hacking-Lab.com!

Hacking-Lab is supporting the OWASP mission and made their online
training environment available for  OWASP on free-to-use basis! The
Hacking-Lab is not just a common "hackme" environment. The solutions of
the labs are evaluated by OWASP teachers. It's not enough just to hack,
explain what and how you have it done to score the max points!

The OWASP Academy-Portal will make use of this services to validate the
lessons learned by the to be developed training blocks!

As announced at the OWASP Germany Day, the first free online challenges
are available now!

LONG URL: Register for the FREE OWASP TOP 10 event


Cheers & happy hacking,

The OWASP Academy-Portal Team
GEC (Global Education Committee) Leader
Martin Knobloch

# OWASP Academy Portal
* https://www.owasp.org/index.php?title=OWASP_Academy_Portal_Project