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DC4420 - London DEFCON - 24 January 2012

Calling all survivors of 2011!

We're back! Hopefully, so are you...

Not only are we back, but we are back in the same old place in London's lovely West End... The Phoenix.

And this year, to kick off, we have:

Duncan Alderson/webantix of upSploit hoping to start a lively discussion on the subject of full/responsible disclosure.

We do not yet have a 'fun' talk, so if you've got something short and/or sweet then bring it along and we'll pick one on the night...

You should know all this by now, but:

Venue is here:


2 minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube.


   Tuesday 24th January 2012


   Room is ours from 17:30, talks kick off at 19:30


   The Phoenix
   37 Cavendish Square
   W1G 0PP

   Meeting is *** DOWNSTAIRS ***

As always, all this year's dates are posted on the website:


See you there!

"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...