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Re: Vulnerabilitites in Debian F*EX <= 20100208 and F*EX 20111129-2.

CVE-2012-0869 assigned for this issue.

2012/2/20 muuratsalo experimental hack lab <muuratsalo@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear all,
> I have discovered some vulnerabilitites in Debian F*EX <= 20100208 and
> F*EX 20111129-2.
> F*EX (Frams's Fast File EXchange) is a service (GPL software) that can be
> used to allow users anywhere on the Internet to exchange files of ANY size
> quickly and conveniently. The sender uploads the file to the F*EX-server
> and the recipient automatically gets a notification e-mail with a
> download-URL. The sender must be a registered user in opposite to the
> recipient. The F*EX design scheme is close related to e-mail.
> The vulnerabilities are now patched in the version 20120215. It is a major
> update which also fixes some other very minor security hints. I decided to
> create two advisories because the WWW upload form is slightly different
> between the two releases (20100208 and F*EX 20111129-2).
> Cheers muuratsalo
> Other References: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=660621