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Oracle Exadata Infiniband Switch default logins and world readable shadow file

Oracle Exadata Infiniband Switch default logins and world readable shadow file

Hi Bugtraq List,

I've noticed a minor issue with the 1/4 rack Oracle Exadata Solution.

What is Exadata?

From Oracle.com "Oracle Exadata is the only database machine that provides extreme performance for both 
data warehousing and OLTP applications, making it the ideal platform for consolidating on private clouds. 
It is a complete package of servers, storage, networking, and software that is massively scalable, secure, 
and redundant. With Oracle Exadata customers can reduce IT costs through consolidation, store up to ten 
times more data, improve performance of all applications, deliver a faster time-to-market by eliminating 
systems integration trial and error, and make better business decisions in real time."


The oracle engineered solution contains two leaf switches and in larger installations a spine switch.  The 
installation I worked with didn't have a spine switch, but the two leaf switches were configured with three 
logins with easily guessable passwords and a shadow file that was world readable.

There are three accounts with easily guessable default passwords on the 
exadata inifiniband switches:

 ilom-admin, ilom-operator and nm2user.

This will dump the contents of the shadow file:

rux0r:~ meep0$ ssh ilom-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx "cat /conf/shadow"

The shadow file is world readable:

[root@exad-1swib2 ~]# ls -l /conf/shadow
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 749 Dec 23  2011 /conf/shadow

Vendor: notified 3/12/2012


Rotate default passwords. I am checking on if you can lock down file permissions on /conf/shadow with out causing issues.

-- Larry Cashdollar