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RE: Regarding MS12-020

Gee, Tim - someone might think you had an axe to grind <ducks swinging keyboard>...
I know; Thor has a hammer, but it still works (barely).

One thing worth mentioning is that there is no mitigation for those who are still stuck using WS03, since NLA doesn't exist prior to Vista.
Those deployments are also great examples of what happens when layer-8 is the primary motivating factor in the security choices you make.


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Subject: Regarding MS12-020

PoC code for MS12-020 (RDP) is obviously floating about, and many are still worried about worm activity from this.

One of my criticisms about this industry is that rarely is mitigation information shared or discussed; people seem to concentrate on breaking and not preventing exploitation.  I wanted to point out that anyone who followed the processes or techniques in my RDP chapter of Thor's Microsoft Security Bible (or used the tool I wrote for RDP access) would have been automatically protected from this vulnerability.  That is not a point of ego, just a point of fact. 

If you are concerned with RDP security, as you should be, you can read most (if not all) of Chapter 7 for *free* using the Amazon "preview a page" feature.  If the RDP vulnerabilities have caused you any level of concern, then I suggest you do.  Like I said on the FD list, I'm far more concerned with making sure people get the information they need (for free of course) than I am trying to earn a buck - anyone who knows me knows I've always freely shared all information in an effort to contribute to security.

The first think I will tell you is to always use NLA (network level authentication).  It can be a very powerful way to obviate exploitability.  The rest of the information is all right there gratis for your viewing pleasure.  

If you are in a pinch and need help with any of this, I'll try my best to help if you want to ping me offline.   Thanks.

Timothy "Thor"  Mullen

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