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RE: Regarding MS12-020

Actually, the tool included (which I will post here since it would be quite difficult to pull the code from the PDF) mitigates WS03 as well.  Mathematically, there is a 1 in 4 billion chance someone could establish an RDP session, but applicably,  no one ever would.  

Security in depth, and least privilege.  It works :)


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>Subject: RE: Regarding MS12-020
>Gee, Tim - someone might think you had an axe to grind <ducks swinging
>I know; Thor has a hammer, but it still works (barely).
>One thing worth mentioning is that there is no mitigation for those who are
>still stuck using WS03, since NLA doesn't exist prior to Vista.
>Those deployments are also great examples of what happens when layer-8 is
>the primary motivating factor in the security choices you make.
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>Subject: Regarding MS12-020
>PoC code for MS12-020 (RDP) is obviously floating about, and many are still
>worried about worm activity from this.
>One of my criticisms about this industry is that rarely is mitigation information
>shared or discussed; people seem to concentrate on breaking and not
>preventing exploitation.  I wanted to point out that anyone who followed the
>processes or techniques in my RDP chapter of Thor's Microsoft Security Bible
>(or used the tool I wrote for RDP access) would have been automatically
>protected from this vulnerability.  That is not a point of ego, just a point of
>If you are concerned with RDP security, as you should be, you can read most
>(if not all) of Chapter 7 for *free* using the Amazon "preview a page" feature.
>If the RDP vulnerabilities have caused you any level of concern, then I suggest
>you do.  Like I said on the FD list, I'm far more concerned with making sure
>people get the information they need (for free of course) than I am trying to
>earn a buck - anyone who knows me knows I've always freely shared all
>information in an effort to contribute to security.
>The first think I will tell you is to always use NLA (network level
>authentication).  It can be a very powerful way to obviate exploitability.  The
>rest of the information is all right there gratis for your viewing pleasure.
>If you are in a pinch and need help with any of this, I'll try my best to help if
>you want to ping me offline.   Thanks.
>Timothy "Thor"  Mullen
>There's no need to think outside the box if you don't think yourself into to
>start with.