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Re: The history of a -probably- 13 years old Oracle bug: TNS Poison

I wanted to comment on the workarounds for this problem:

1) Setting SQLNET.ENCRYPTION_SERVER=REQUIRED on the server is not enough to protect you.
   To avoid "man in the middle" attacks, you need to have an SSL certificate on
   the server and SSL_SERVER_DN_MATCH=TRUE in the client's sqlnet.ora.

2) Another way to protect yourself in Oracle 11.1 or better is to configure the listener
   to only accept registration requests from the local machine by adding
   SECURE_REGISTER_<listener>=(IPC) to listener.ora.
   The databases must be configured with LOCAL_LISTENER='(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=IPC)(KEY=<like in listener.ora>))'

Laurenz Albe