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Re: Analysis: Vast IPv6 address space actually enables IPv6 attacks


so you say it's not as hard to scan an IPv6 network as the raw math
would indicate but it's still a lot harder than scanning an IPv4 network.

Still... where in the article does it say anything about "vast address
space... enables attacks"?

The title and the article don't match.


On 6/8/2012 6:32 AM, Fernando Gont wrote:
> Folks,
> TechTarget has published an article I've authored for them, entitled
> "Analysis: Vast IPv6 address space actually enables IPv6 attacks".
> The aforementioned article is available at:
> <http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/tip/Analysis-Vast-IPv6-address-space-actually-enables-IPv6-attacks>
> (FWIW, it's a human-readable version  of the IETF Internet-Draft I
> published a month ago or so about IPv6 host scanning (see:
> <http://www.si6networks.com/presentations/ietf.html>))
> Cheers,