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ClubHack2012 CFP Open Now

Dear All, 

ClubHack 2012 onwards, we will concentrate our energies in empowering innovation & leadership development. Having loved our domain so much, we?d continue to do this in the domain of information security only. And that coins our new motto line
?Empowering Innovation & Leadership in Information Security?

Call For Participation

See http://clubhack.com/2012
for details

In 2012, as ClubHack is focusing toward innovation & leadership, we invite papers from enthusiast & seasoned professionals for ClubHack2012 with emphasis on entrepreneurship in infosec and security innovation.

These presentations are expected to be of 40 minutes each. The schedule time for each presenter would be 50 minutes out of which 40 minutes are for the presentation & 10 for the question-answer sessions. We?d request you to submit the papers keeping the time constraint in mind.

Innovation knows no boundaries. Just to spark your thought process, here?s a hint of topics which you may refer
* Entrepreneurship in infosec product development
* Research work in infosec
* Innovation in attack vectors
* Attacks on Cloud
* Mobile computing
* Malware & Botnets
* Privacy with social networks
* Telecom Security (3G/4G, SS7, GSM/CDMA, VoIP) and Phone Phreaking
* Hardware, Embedded Systems and other Electronic Devices Hacking
* War of handhelds & BYOD
* Cyber warfare & your role
* Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
* Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) ? COMINT, ELINT, etc
* Critical Infrastructure Protection
* Security aspects in SCADA and industrial environments and ?obscure? networks
* & the general other infosec domains like web, network, tools & exploits etc.

If you want to deliver a workshop at ClubHack2012, please write to us separately and we?ll help in the same

:::Speakers Benefit:::
The regulars
* Travel reimbursement or arrangement of economy return tickets for speakers
* Accommodation for 2
* Complementary passes for event & party for 2
* Gift hampers & freebies
:::How to Submit:::
Please send us your entries with following details to cfp@xxxxxxxxxxxx

_Personal Information_
# Speaker Name:
# Speaker Title and Company:
# Speaker Email Address:
# Speaker Phone Number:
# Is the same paper submitted/talked in some other conference/convention:
# If yes, when & where:

_Presentation Information_
# Name of Presentation:
# Is there a demonstration?
# Are you releasing a new tool?
# What are your equipment needs?
(beyond LCD projector and Internet connectivity)
# Will you require any other special equipment(s)?
# If Yes, please specify:

_Additional Info (for publishing on site)_
# Title of the paper:
# Abstract of the paper: (max 200 words)
# Speaker?s Bio: (max 200 words)
# Please send a photo (.gif , .png or.jpg)

:::Important Dates:::
CFP Opens: 1st July 2012
CFP Closes: 15th October 2012
Speakers list: 1st November 2012

Hope to see your contribution and support for ClubHack2012

Abhijee Patil