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POC2012 Call for Paper

The 7th international hacking and security conference "POC2012" by hackers will be held  in Seoul, Korea on November 8 ~ 9.
'POC' means "Power of Community".
POC believes that the power of community can make the world safer.
POC doesn't pursue money. So POC is free to show real hacking and security.

We are sure that POC is one of the best technical conferences.
POC2012 hates just theoretical discussion.
POC2012 concentrates on technical and creative discussion and will show 'real' hacking.
POC2012 believes that showing talks much more than just speaking.

# Topics:
POC2012 doesn't place any restrictions on topic.
However, POC2012 requests something specific as well as general.
If you presented your topic in the past and the topic is not interesting anymore,
POC2012 will not accept your paper.
POC2012 wants only something new, creative, and cool.

All speakers should show real demo(attack) to prove his presentation.

* Unknown remotely exploitable 0-day(s)
* New Windows application vulnerability exploitation
* Trojans, worms, malware technology
* New and creative system hacking technique
* New and creative web hacking technique
* New vulnerability research way
* Hardware hacking
* New Encryption, decryption, cracking technology
* Wireless hacking and security
* Mobile hacking(especially iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)

One more time, there's no restriction in topic.
But we reject commercial papers for marketing.

# Deadline of Submission: October 5, 2012

Submission must include slide and simple white paper in English
with your brief biography. This is the first official CFP of POC2012.
However, some speakers have already been decided.
Hurry up if you want to take part in 'drinking hell' in Seoul.
POC2012 promises that if you are best, we will treat you as best. 


Kind regards