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ANNOUNCE: RFIDIOt v1.0d released and code migration

I've migrated the RFIDIOt source code to https://github.com/AdamLaurie/RFIDIOt. I realised one of the reasons I haven't been doing many updates is because it's always such a faff getting a new tarball together, updating the webpage etc., etc. Now, should you be vaguely interested, you can simply watch the project on github and get notified whenever a change is committed... Even better, if you have updates you want to contribute, just fork and create a merge request... (The first of which was Nick von Dadelszen's Android support package). Sweet!

I will follow my usual practice of 'commit early, commit often', so whenever I'm working on something, expect daily updates... Speaking of which, I finally got around to bringing libNFC support up to date, so it now works with libnfc 1.6.0-rc1.


fix reading unknown block size in readblock()
detect more ACS readers [Keith Howell]

port pynfc to new libNFC API (1.6.0-rc1)
add libnfc mifare command support (TODO: error handling)
*** note that early ACS devices such as ACR122-V1/TikiTag/TouchaTag are not currently working with native libNFC (V2 seem to work fine). This is a libNFC issue. However, ACR122-V1/TikiTag/TouchaTag devices can be used if libNFC is compiled with acr122_pcsc driver support, and then used in conjunction with pcscd, in chich case
    they should work as READER_LIBNFC and/or READER_PCSC types.
Android support [Nick von Dadelszen]

Full details here:


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