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DC4420 - London DEFCON - October meet - tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd October.

It's that time again.. :)

Tomorrow, Tuesday night :)

Please welcome Kuan Hon who has lots of lovely academic letters and is
a Solicitor in England & Wales and also a New York Attorney

who will be talking about :

"Cloud Security: Some Present and Future Legal Headaches"


This will give you an eye opening view of what is going on in that Cloud
thing... and will I'm sure  lead to a lot of interesting questions.

As ever, lots of chat time and food + drinks.

p.s (remember the interesting iOS talk of July? the wifi turbo talk of
last month?  well there were many followups to that.. got anywhere yet?
- let me know)

Venue is here:

   The Phoenix
   37 Cavendish Square
   W1G 0PP


2 minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube.


   Tuesday 23rd October 2012


   17:30 till kicking out, intro starts at 19:30

See you tomorrow!