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Fwd: SQL injection

Product: FOOT Gestion
Version: -
Vendor: Winsoft
Vendor site:http://www.footgestion.ch
Status: fixed
Level: High

FOOT Gestion is a soccer team management CMS. The solution is based on
a software and a CMS website.
The website module is affected by a SQL injection vulnerability.

The vulnerable page is "index.php?page=contacter&id=1"
Due to an improproper sanitization, field 'id' can be use in order to
inject custom SQL request

http://target/index.php?page=contacter.php&id=-1 union select 1,2--%20

This vulnerability is fixed.
For websites which are hosting by the vendor, the fixe was already deployed.

If you hosting this by your own way, you may contact the vendor for
getting the fix.

19/09/2012: vulnerability discovered
27/09/2012: answer from vendor after several no responses
04/10/2012: Fixed and begin to be deployed
05/12/2012: Advisory publish