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CanSecWest13 CFP Open Until December 14 2012, Conf March 7-9 2013, Vancouver

  The CFP is open and a new conference rushes forward. The
   shorter version: Package up your PII/contact info that we
   need so we can book flights and figure out visas, put
   together a summary of who you are and what you want to
   talk about that is cool new security research, and email
   them to our jaded, grumpy reviewers (some of whom still
   use mutt so make sure you include a little ascii at least :-)
   at secwest13 [at] cansecwest.com before Friday, 
   December 14th, 2012. Full details can be found on the
   Speakers tab on http://cansecwest.com..

   Oh, and make sure to leave room in your schedule for the
   weekend after, when a lot of folks go up to Whistler. We
   are now trying to put together a plan for Tronapalooza 3
   (Insert Witty Sub-Title Here) - sponsors, it's a good time
   to chat.

   If you aren't submitting a talk, now is a great time to
   make lower-cost bookings. Happy Holidays.

World Emerging Security Technology
Vancouver, March 7-9 2013 (Dojo Mar. 2-5)