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Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer stall when using workaround from MS06-020 or MS06-069

Hi @ll,

the Microsoft security bulletins
show the following workaround to disable Macromedia Flash Player
with software restriction policies a.k.a. SAFER:

--- MS06-069.REG ---


"Description"="Block Macromedia Flash"

--- EOF ---

When this (or an equivalent) SAFER rule to block flash player
is set AND the flash player plugin/activex control is installed
and enabled in Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer,
then both browsers stall or slow to a crawl as soon as a web page
which uses the flash player plugin/activex control is loaded.

Apparently both web browsers handle the return code(s) from the
denied loading of the flash player plugin/activex control wrong!

Tested with MSIE6 to MSIE9 on Windows XP to Windows 7,
and Mozilla Firefox 1x.x on Windows XP and Windows 7.

Stefan Kanthak

PS: Opera doesn't show this error!