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DC4420 - London DEFCON - January 2013 meet. Tuesday 29th January 2013

what it says on the tin!


  Chris Sumner (Suggy) - Online Privacy Foundation


"Predicting Dark Triad Personality Traits from Twitter usage and a linguistic analysis of Tweets"

This study explores the extent to which it is possible to determine anti-social personality traits based on Twitter use. This was performed by comparing the Dark Triad and Big Five personality traits of 2,927 Twitter users with their profile attributes and use of language. Analysis shows that there are some statistically significant relationships between these variables. Through the use of crowd sourced machine learning algorithms, we show that machine learning provides useful prediction rates, but is imperfect in predicting an individual’s Dark Triad traits from Twitter activity. While predictive models may be unsuitable for predicting an individual’s personality, they may still be of practical importance when models are applied to large groups of people, such as gaining the ability to see whether anti-social traits are increasing or decreasing over a population.


yours truly Adam Laurie (Major Malfunction) & Zac Franken - Aperture Labs Ltd.


"Hardware Hacking The Easy Hard Way: Semi-Automating the process of decapping chips"

Fancy getting your hands disolved^W dirty with boiling nitric acid? Ever wondered what's under the silicon in a silicon chip? And once you're under the hood, what next? This short talk will reveal our initial explorations into the caustic world of silicon deconstruction. There will be toolz...


  Downstairs at The Phoenix: http://www.phoenixcavendishsquare.co.uk/

  be there by 19:30..



see you next week!

"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...