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[KIS-2013-01] DataLife Engine 9.7 (preview.php) PHP Code Injection Vulnerability

DataLife Engine 9.7 (preview.php) PHP Code Injection Vulnerability

â Software Link:


â Affected Version:

9.7 only.

â Vulnerability Description:

The vulnerable code is located in the /engine/preview.php script:

246.	$c_list = implode (',', $_REQUEST['catlist']);
248.	if( strpos( $tpl->copy_template, "[catlist=" ) !== false ) {
249. $tpl->copy_template = preg_replace( "#\\[catlist=(.+?)\\](.*?)\\[/catlist\\]#ies", "check_category('\\1', '\\2', '{$c_list}')", $tpl->copy_template );
250.	}
252.	if( strpos( $tpl->copy_template, "[not-catlist=" ) !== false ) {
253. $tpl->copy_template = preg_replace( "#\\[not-catlist=(.+?)\\](.*?)\\[/not-catlist\\]#ies", "check_category('\\1', '\\2', '{$c_list}', false)", $tpl->copy_template );
254.	}

User supplied input passed through the $_REQUEST['catlist'] parameter is not properly sanitized before being used in a preg_replace() call with the e modifier at lines 249 and 253. This can be exploited to inject and execute arbitrary PHP code. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability requires a template which contains a âcatlistâ (or a ânot-catlistâ) tag.

â Solution:

Apply the vendor patch: http://dleviet.com/dle/bug-fix/3281-security-patches-for-dle-97.html

â Disclosure Timeline:

[16/01/2013] â Vendor notified
[19/01/2013] â Vendor patch released
[20/01/2013] â CVE number requested
[21/01/2013] â CVE number assigned
[28/01/2013] â Public disclosure

â CVE Reference:

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org)
has assigned the name CVE-2013-1412 to this vulnerability.

â Credits:

Vulnerability discovered by Egidio Romano.

â Original Advisory: