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Alt-N MDaemon's WebAdmin Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

   Alt-N MDaemon's WebAdmin Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Software:  Alt-N MDaemon v13.0.3 and prior versions
Vendor: http://www.altn.com/
Vuln Type: Remote Code Execution
Remote: Yes
Local: No
Discovered by: QSecure and Demetris Papapetrou
References: http://www.qsecure.com.cy/advisories/Alt-N_MDaemon_WebAdmin_Remote_Code_Execution.html
Discovered: 01/10/2012
Reported: 19/12/2012
Fixed: 15/01/2013 (http://files.altn.com/MDaemon/Release/RelNotes_en.html)
Disclosed: 18/02/2013

Alt-N WebAdmin application is prone to a remote code execution
vulnerability via the user account import facility. Attackers may
utilize a compromised user/non-admin account to create new accounts in
the system or modify existing ones, in a way that will turn-on the
autorespond "program processing" functionality and cause it to execute
arbitrary commands on the underlying operating system.

Furthermore, utilizing the user account import facility, an ordinary
user can change the password of any other user or administrator
account within MDaemon and access his/her emails. However, a
side-effect of this procedure is that any administrator accounts that
get modified this way, are downgraded to ordinary users.

Alt-N MDaemon v13.0.3 & v12.5.6 were tested and found vulnerable;
other versions may also be affected.