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DC4420 - London DEFCON - April meet - Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Whether you're coming to town next week for London Infosec or BSides, or you're in the smoke anyway, come and join us for what is normally our busiest and most entertaining night of the year...

This time should be no exception: we have managed to retain our normal venue - The Phoenix - and we have a single speaker giving us a full hour 'fun' talk, leaving us plenty of time for, well, you know the score...

Primary Speaker:

  Kev Sheldrake - Head Hacking


  "Social Engineering Lies!"


Social engineering is the practice of gaining unauthorised access to something, typically only using human interaction to do so. NLP is a pseudo-scientific psychological paradigm for modelling excellence and creating hypnotic change. Hypnosis is the process through which hypnotic subjects take and act upon suggestions. It is possible to apply NLP and hypnosis to social engineering. Or so people would tell you.

This talk will tell you different. Featuring lots of swearing and optional audience participation, I'll explain the hypnotist's perspective on 'covert hypnosis' and NLP. I'm a hypnotist, but I promise not to hypnotise anyone at the event.


Secondary Speaker:

  The Bar Staff


  "Buy Major a beer"


Now you've been lied to by the primary speaker, you will buy Major a beer.



  The Phoenix, Cavendish Square



  Tuesday 23rd April, 2013


  17:30 till kicking out - talk starts at 19:30

See you there!


"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...