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CONFidence - May, 28-29, Krakow, Poland - a conference adventure that never stops!

Everything has a story, everything evolves, adapts to changing circumstances
but does your IT Sec strategy evolve with the development of the digital

Are you wiling to gamble on the security of you systems?

Join the upcoming CONFidence conference and meet both renown speakers and
specialists who deal with the IT security on a daily basis. People like,
you, who never stop asking questions and play with risks all the time...

We will gather in Krakow, Poland on 28-29th May, 2013 on an extreme

1. The schedule:

Check out the schedule of the conference, as it will feature:
- Felix "fx" Lindner and  Gregor Kopf  discussing virtual and physical
- Fernando Gont discussing the Ipv6 network reconnaissance,
- Ilja van Sprudel discussing his analysis of linux insecurities,
- a couple of topics related to Mobile security including presentations from
Jesse Burns, Georgia Weidman and Yury Chemerkin,
- Meredith L. Patterson discussing the state of LANGSEC,
- and many more concerning computer architecture, embedded devices,
crashdumps,  or general penetration testing...

See more at http://2013.confidence.org.pl/agenda

2. X-traction Point

CONFidence is not only about talks, it's also a possibility to experience a
live FPP game with our X-traction Point team, which involves lock picking,
analog phone tapping, ASG shooting  and alarm disabling all leading to a
frontal assault on a real Bunker infrastructure... Along with special
training grounds before the final attempt.

3. CONFidence: Hacker on a bus

For all of you, who are already in Berlin on the days before the conference
we have prepared a special hacker bus which can take you directly from
Berlin to Krakow and back again so that you don't have to prepare anything,
just jump in to a conference.

More details here: http://2013.confidence.org.pl/hackers-on-a-bus

4. Workshops

Apart from the conference we have launched workshops which will be held
before the conference. One-day full trainings on the following topics:

Georgie Weidman - Attacking and Securing Mobile Devices

Fernando Gont - IPv6 Hacking Crash Course

More details here: http://2013.confidence.org.pl/workshops

5. Hackers' Squad
Looking for accommodation for the con? You can either use one of the
hundreds of hotels in Krakow or ask us about Hackers' Squad - an outpost for
hackers preparing for the CONFidence.

If you want to know more just check our website at:
There is also a special discount code for registration - if you use the
2k13Gamble code you will get the 15% discount on the registration.
Will you gamble with your IT security?
Pozdrawiam / Best Regards
Sławomir Jabs
PROIDEA Foundation
Conference Organizing Team