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DC4420 - London DEFCON - May meet - Tuesday 28th May 2013

The theme of the month is crypto, with 2 great talks for you ...

Primary Speaker:

Bjoern Paul Richard Schwabe, Freelancer


"Encryption in the cloud"


SaaS cloud models for data storage such as Dropbox and Box have been
around for a long time. Zero-Knowledge SaaS did not get much attention
in the media and public, even though many ToC of traditional SaaS hold
sentences like these: "...In these cases,  will remove ’s encryption
from the files before providing them to law enforcement.". What can we
do about it ? What is the hype about MEGA's security practice?

I have devoted my Bsc. IT Security and Computer Forensics final year
project towards this issue and analysed different contestants,
including MEGA's JS files and API to come up with practical solution.
I would like to present my result with an one hour talk covering the
areas of: an introduction to cryptography to understand the concept's
cipher and the usage of them as well as the concept that will not give
service providers the chance to decrypt user's data.


Secondary Speaker:

Craig Heath, Franklin Heath Ltd


"Security Lessons from Bletchley Park and Enigma"


A brief review of how the Enigma machine works, how it was broken,
and how security people keep making similar mistakes today.



The Phoenix, Cavendish Square



Tuesday 28th May, 2013


17:30 till kicking out - talk starts at 19:30

Entry is free, see you there!