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Authentication bypass in D-Link routers

Vendor: D-Link
Affected Products:
-DIR-505L SharePort Mobile Companion (HW: A1 / FW: 1.01)
-DIR-826L Wireless N600 Cloud Router (HW: A1 / FW: 1.02)
Vendor Notification: April 8, 2013
Public Disclosure: July 8, 2013
Vulnerability Type: Authentication Bypass
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-4772
Solution Status: Not Fixed
Credit: Jason Doyle / tw: jasond0yle

Advisory Details:
It is possible to bypass authentication to gain administrator level access to the web management console by navigating directly to any web page while a legitimate session is still active. This is not possible once a legitimate session has expired. During this window of opportunity, at attacker has unfettered access to view and change all configurable settings on the device, including the addition / modification of user accounts for persistent access.