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[CVE-2013-2745, CVE-2013-2738, CVE-2013-2739] MiniDLNA v1.0.25 Multiple Vulnerabilities

MiniDLNA prior to v1.1.0 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/minidlna/)
is prone to a variety of issues which could be used to take control of
a host running this software.

CVE-2013-2738 and CVE-2013-2745 are SQL injection issues.
CVE-2013-2739 has been assigned for a heap-based buffer overflow which
was introduced when they fixed the stack buffer overflow discussed by
Zachary Cutlip at Black Hat 2012 & DC20.  Link:

These SQL injection vectors are separate from what Cutlip described
but they can also be used to retrieve arbitrary files from the system
or to stage an overflow payload as is detailed in the above link.

I strongly advise anyone using this program to update to the latest version.

Kind Regards,
Craig Young