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[Announcement] CHMag - Call for Articles

Hello All,

CHMag Journal is seeking submissions for September 2013 issue. 

Topics and interest areas include, but not limited to the following:-

- OS exploitation
- Application hacking
- Mobile Application Security
- Rootkits and Malware
- Forensics and Anti-forensics
- Embedded device/hardware security and exploitation
- Botnet communication, C&C and takedowns
- Radio communication hacking
- GSM/3G/LTE/5G networks ? security and exploitation
- Network security
- Intrusion Prevention/Evasion techniques
- APT Prevention/Evasion techniques
- Privacy
- Surveillance
- Auditing

Submission guidelines :
1) Article should be in doc/odt/txt format. 
2) Submissions must include author's brief profile and a photograph. 
3) Submission due date - 24th Aug, 2013

Please send your articles, queries to abhijeet@xxxxxxxx

Abhijeet Patil,
CHMag Journal