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Re: [Full-disclosure] Apache suEXEC privilege elevation / information disclosure

Am 10.08.2013 12:10, schrieb Gichuki John Chuksjonia:
> One thing u gotta remember most of the Admins who handle webservers in
> a network are also developers since most of the organizations will
> always need to cut on expenses, and as we know, most of the developers
> will just look into finishing work and making it work. So if something
> doesn't run due to httpd.conf, you will find these guys loosening
> server security, therefore opening holes to the infrastructure.

i am one of the developers who are admin


because maintaining servers where only internal developed
software gives you the power to make security as tighten
as possible - and yes security is *always* first

not the admins which are developers are the problem

crap like wordpress, joomla, phpBB is the problem because
these developers have no idea how to secure maintain a
server and try to develop software which can be installed
by any random fool on whatever webserver without understand
the implications

thats's why these applications are *strictly* forbidden
on any machine i am responsible for, it's enough to write
abuse mails each time one of these installations outside
got hacked and is starting attacks on 3rd parties

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