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Re: [Full-disclosure] Apache suEXEC privilege elevation / information disclosure

Am 11.08.2013 22:15, schrieb Stefan Kanthak:
> "Reindl Harald" <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Am 10.08.2013 16:52, schrieb Tobias Kreidl:
>>> It is for this specific reason that utilities like suPHP can be used as a powerful tool to at least keep the
>>> account user from shooting anyone but him/herself in the foot because of any configuration or broken security
>>> issues. Allowing suexec to anyone but a seasoned, responsible admin is IMO a recipe for disaster.
>> and what makes you believe that a developer can not be a "seasoned, responsible admin"?
> Because developers write functions like "system", "symlink" and "suexec"
> which can create havoc (and are WELL-KNOWN for creating havoc since
> years) and allow everybody to call them in the default configuration of
> their software.

a so because some stupid developers all are faulty?

>> bullshit, many of the "seasoned, responsible admins" which are only
>> admins are unable to really understand the implications of whatever
>> config they rollout
> It was the developer who created and published this vulnerable software
> or the vulnerable default configuration in the first place.

it was the admin who did not RTFM and rolled out default
settings in environents with untrustable code

> If a user/administrator who installs software has to turn insecure
> features OFF its the developer who is to blame, and of course the
> testers, the QA and the management too

not entirely untrue, but anybody who thinks he can install
whatever server-software with defaults, not RTFM and call
hiself a serious admin is a fool

symlinks are to not poision always and everywhere
they become where untrusted customer code is running
blame the admin which doe snot know his job and not
the language offering a lot of functions where some
can be misused

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