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Re: Re: [Full-disclosure] Apache suEXEC privilege elevation / information disclosure

In my opinion we got two problems about that.

In some cases tools are user unfriendly. And a bit cryptic...but surely the sysadmin have to take care of it.

the other question is: the human guilt. Let's assume that the problem is not Apache or PHP. If i shoot my foot with my gun...the problem is not the gun.

Let's also assume that many people aren't not so smart and didn't like to read about or keep informed. Definetly they aren't sysadmin but...in many cases

they work as well in this role.

We are talking about security (aren't we?) so the first problem is the human element.


PHP is a great scripting language, very useful and powerful but isn't used in a creative way at all. PHP only for web develompent? it's a real pity.

marco floris