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Re: [Full-disclosure] Apache suEXEC privilege elevation / information disclosure

... ciao:

: on "8-13-2013" "Reindl Harald" writ:
: >> and so stop trying to be a smartass in topics you are clueless
: >
: > Please no personal insults

: truth != insult

   it is perhaps just me, but when i see "smartass" in an otherwise 
reasoned dialogue, "the TRUTH", is seldom if ever, my first thought.  what 
is, is a weakness in position; either with the position taken, or an 
inability to handle the frustration of holding it.
   in addition, clueless as a delimiter, is not absolute in discussion.  
there are times, when expertise blinds its holder to an obvious but 
counter intuitive point of view. 

   for example, i lay claim to being the icon of "clueless" when it comes 
to 'php'. i did however, "NOTICE" all the security problems showing up in 
regard to it.  AND was able to figure out, it a "RISK", no matter ""which"" 
'webserver' it services.  if i'd known more, i too, could have "blamed" 
apache ...

... it's not what you see ,
    but in stead , notice ...