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DC4420 - London DEFCON - August Meet - Tuesday 27th August 2013

Bank holiday's over and it's time to get back to work, which totally sucks! However, what doesn't suck is that we've got a meet so we can all drink beer and cry about it together... :)

In the absence of any other speakers coming forward, this month I'll be talking about our latest project...

1st Speaker:

  RFIDler - A Software Defined RFID Reader/Writer/Emulator
            Adam "Major Malfunction" Laurie - Aperture Labs

I've gone back to my roots and starting playing with RFID again, but this time I've got Chip Monkey to help so we've gone right to heart of the problem and figured out what's really going on under the hood... You may find it somewhat surprising, like we did, and as a result we've started a kickstarter project to get the resulting device out there. In this talk I'll discuss how RFID really works and how we can apply the concepts of Software Defined Radio to the technology...

Spoiler Alert!!! If you are coming to the talk, don't read my blog entry:


2nd Speaker:

  TBA - if you've got a 20-30 minute 'fun' talk, step up and let us know!


The Phoenix, Cavendish Square



Tuesday 27th August 2013


17:30 till kicking out - talk starts at 19:30

Entry is free, all are welcome, see you there!


"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...