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Re: [Full-disclosure] Defense in depth -- the Microsoft way (part 8): execute everywhere!

I would prefer a more "literarily" neutral approach than that thought-filled, swear-prone discussion.

The problem disclosed is interesting and the solution provided smooth. The pejoration in words really makes me think to which extents could the affirmations be true or just blow outs. "sloppy developers", "finite wisdom", the form sentences are made with adjectives that clearly shows personal insatisfaction to the subject takes out credits of the report.

It would make a perfect reading if it followed the proposal of the subject "security in depth" without so much personal thought put in.

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On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 5:32 PM, Stefan Kanthak
<stefan.kanthak@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

since it's start about 20 years ago Windows NT supports (fine grained)
ACLs, including the permission "execute file".

In their very finite wisdom Microsoft but decided back then to have
this permission set on EVERY file a user creates (and assumes it is
set on local and remote file systems which dont support ACLs).

The result: on Windows, malware can run everywhere (and since CWD
alias "." is in the path, can be started everywhere)!

Keep these coming...these are very interesting reads...thanks Stefan.