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[SOJOBO-ADV-13-05] - Vtiger 5.4.0 Reflected Cross Site Scripting

[SOJOBO-ADV-13-05] - Vtiger 5.4.0 Reflected Cross Site Scripting

I. * Information *
Name : Vtiger 5.4.0 Reflected Cross Site Scripting
Software : Vtiger 5.4.0 and possibly below.
Vendor Homepage : https://www.vtiger.com/
Vulnerability Type : Reflected Cross-Site Scripting
Severity : Medium (3/5)
Advisory Reference : SOJOBO-ADV-13-05 (http://www.enkomio.com/Advisories)
Credits: Sojobo dev team
Description: A Reflected Cross Site Scripting vulnerability was discovered during the testing of Sojobo, Static Analysis Tool.

II. * Details *
A) Reflected Cross Site Scripting in savetemplate.php, deletetask.php, edittask.php, savetask.php and saveworkflow.php [Impact: 3/5]

Follow a trace to reach the vulnerable code.

File: \modules\com_vtiger_workflow\savetemplate.php
45: vtSaveWorkflowTemplate($adb, $_REQUEST);
37: $returnUrl = $request['return_url'];
40: window.location="<?php echo $returnUrl?>";

The variable 'return_url' isn't correctly validated before to be printed in the page.

A test request is: /index.php?module=com_vtiger_workflow&action=savetemplate&return_url="><script>alert('xss');</script>

III. * Report Timeline *

26 October 2013 - First contact
29 October 2013 - Fix announced on the new version
10 December 2013 - Fix release with the new version

IV. * About Sojobo *
Sojobo allows you to find security vulnerabilities in your PHP web application source code before others do.
By using the state of the art techniques Sojobo is able to identify the most critical vulnerabilities in your code 
and limit the number of false positives.