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Misli.com Android App SSL certificate validation weakness

Title: Misli.com Android App SSL certificate validation weakness
Advisory URL: http://sceptive.com/p/mislicom-android-app-ssl-certificate-validation-weakness-

== Overview

Misli.com is an online betting web-site which also provides Android app. for the members to ease on betting.

We have found that Android app vulnerable to SSL mitm attacks (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-in-the-middle_attack) which eventually let attackers to gather user name-password and session hijacking capabilities against app. users.

== Description

On misconfigured network environments it is possible to redirect HTTPS packets over MITM tools for SSL sessions.

When we redirected our network on such a configuration we have observed that app sends/receives user data unecrypted.


    "login": "abc@xxxxxxx",
    "password": "123456",
    "sessionid": "5e8c1de7-229a-49cf-a6aa-30fa9be9c41d"
And also session-id's are vulnerable for attackers to use on their own configurations to hijack other users' sessions.

== Affected Versions

No known version is given in app. But we provide md5 hash of the vulnerable APK

MD5 (android.apk) = 35bb423c18e7269922d9610ef050b7ae

== Fixes

No known fixes has been released yet.