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Directory Traversal Vulnerability in VMTurbo Operations Manager 4.5 or earlier

Product: VM Turbo Operations Manager
Vendor: VM Turbo
Vulnerable Version(s): 4.5.x earlier
Tested Version: 4.0
Advisory Publication: April 11, 2014 
Vendor Notification: April 11, 2014 
Public Disclosure: May 8, 2014 
Vulnerability Type: Directory Traversal

Discovered and Provided: (Jamal Pecou) Security Focus ( https://www.securityfocus.com/ )


Advisory Details:

A vulnerability affecting ?/cgi-bin/help/doIt.cgi" in VM Turbo Operations Manager allows directory traversal when the URL encoded POST input ?xml_path? was set to ?../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd? we could see the contents of this file. 

The following exploitation example displays the contents of /etc/passwd




 The vendor has released a fix for this vulnerability in version 4.6.


[1] https://support.vmturbo.com/hc/en-us/articles/203170127-VMTurbo-Operations-Manager-v4-6-Announcement