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Construtiva CIS Manager CMS POST SQLi


    . PRODUCT : Construtiva CIS Manager
    . TYPE    : SQLi http://site/autenticar/lembrarlogin.asp (POST email)
    . CVE     : CVE-2014-3749

Software Description

    . The CIS Manager platform is a complete and powerful tool to manage
sites and corporative portals on the Internet. The platform components
bring autonomy to your company to manage the content (structure,
texts, images, downloadable files, articles, news...) without the need
of a developer.


Release date



    . SQL injection using POST parameters:

         URL: http://site/autenticar/lembrarlogin.asp
         TYPE: error-based
         PARAM: email
         PAYLOAD: email=xxx' AND (...)

Disclosure Timeline

2014-04-16: Vendor notification.
2014-04-26: No response. Vendor notification again.
2014-05-10: No response. Vendor notification again.
2014-05-16: Public disclosure.


Thiago C.
edge () bitmessage.ch