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CVE-2014-3740 - SpiceWorks Cross-site scripting

Exploit Title: Multiple Stored XSS vulnerabilities in SpiceWorks Ticketing system
CVE: CVE-2014-3740
Vendor: SpiceWorks
Product: SpiceWorks IT ticketing system
Affected versions: any version below 7.2.00195
Fixed version: 7.2.00195

1. About the application:
SpiceWorks is an IT ticketing system deployed in many companies around the world

2. Details
Multiple stored XSS were found in SpiceWorks system, allowing an attacker to create a SpiceWorks IT ticket with malicious code. once an admin attemps to login to the system dashboard to view open tickets, the code executes and the attacker
could potentially steal the admin's cookies.

3. Timeline:
12.5.2014 - Vulnerability discovered
12.5.2014 - Vendor notified
13.5.2014 - CVE Requested
15.5.2014 - CVE Assigned (CVE-2014-3740)
02.6.2014 - SpiceWorks fixed the problem in the latest version of 7.2 (7.2.00195)
07.6.2014 - Full disclosure released

4. Proof of concept:
i. Create a ticket in user_portal with the title <script>alert(document.cookie);</script>
    ii.  submit.
iii. login as admin user and navigate to the open tickets, the XSS appears.

* A Proof of concept video can also be found here: