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CVE-2014-3863 - Stored XSS in JChatSocial

"Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)" (CWE-79) vulnerability in
"JChatSocial" Joomla extension.

Joomla! Extensions Store

JChatSocial: the Joomla live chat
"JChatSocial is a powerful chat system for Joomla with a look so similar
to Facebook chat and it's easy to install and configure. Users can
choose to start a private chat or join a group conversation, all
completely free of charge because data stream is processed on your
server. In addition JChatSocial integrates with Skype software to start
video calls directly within your Joomla! site, and has many advanced
feature such as attachments exchange, avatars and more. " - source:

Affected versions
This vulnerability affects versions of JChatSocial version 2.2 and
probably lower

The vendor has fixed the issue within few ours after receiving the
vulnerability details, on 29.05.2014

Reported by
This issue was reported to the vendor by Teodor Lupan following a
responsible disclosure process.


Easy: no user interaction required

The discovered Stored Cross Site Scripting can be used by anonymous
users (unregistered) or on some setups - registered users - to target
any other user types, including (Joomla) administrators, and execute any
XSS attack type - like steal their session ID.

Vulnerability details:
In an active JChat window, it is possible to upload a file and send it
to any other connected user. An attacker could insert
malicious JavaScript code into the 'filename' input parameter which will
be included into the active chat window and executed by the browser
of the target without user interaction.

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