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two browser mem disclosure bugs (CVE-2014-1580 and CVE-something-or-other)

First of all, CVE-2014-1580 (MSFA 2014-78) is a bug that caused
Firefox prior to version 33 (released today) to leak bits of
uninitialized memory when rendering certain types of truncated images
onto <canvas>.

Mozilla's advisory is here:

Bug is here:

PoC is here:

Secondly, MSRC case #19611cz is a seemingly similar issue with
Internet Explorer apparently using bits of uninitialized stack data
when handling JPEG files with an oddball DHT. You should be able to
reproduce with:


This one doesn't have a fix yet; I decided to disclose it because it
is easily hit with an existing open-source fuzzer, and because
we went past the 90-day mark without making any evident progress on
the report. The timeline is captured here:


Obligatory plug - both of these have been found with: