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"Aircrack-ng 1.2 Beta 3" multiple vulnerabilities

"Aircrack-ng 1.2 Beta 3" multiple vulnerabilities
Four vulnerabilities exist on aircrack-ng <= 1.2 Beta 3 which allow remote/local code execution, privilege escalation and denial of service. Specifically, the following vulnerabilities were identified:
  -   A stack overflow at airodump-ng gps_tracker() which may lead to
code execution, privilege escalation.
  -   A length parameter inconsistency at aireplay tcp_test() which may
lead to remote code execution.
  -   A missing check for data format at buddy-ng which may lead to
denial of service.
  -   A missing check for invalid values at airserv-ng net_get() which
may lead to denial of service.
Nick Sampanis (n.sampanis[a t]obrela[do t]com)
gps_tracer stack overflow  CVE-2014-8321
tcp_test length parameter inconsistency CVE-2014-8322
buddy-ng missing check  in data format CVE-2014-8323
net_get missing check for invalid values CVE-2014-8324
Bugs and fixes submit date:
CVE-2014-8321: Severity: High AV: Local Impact type: Code execution/Privilege escalation
CVE-2014-8322: Severity: Critical AV: Remote Impact type: Code execution
CVE-2014-8323: Severity: High AV: Remote Impact type: Denial of service
CVE-2014-8324: Severity: High AV: Remote Impact type: Denial of service

Solution - fix & patch:
Kali linux(and maybe some other distros) use to distribute aircrack-ng package
without stack cookie protection which makes CVE-2014-8322 easily exploitable.
The new package with stack cookie protection enabled is called debian/1.2-beta3-0kali3.

Download the respective commits from github. Soon a new version
will be released but at the time there is no patched version.