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[oCERT-2014-010] SoX input sanitization errors

#2014-010 SoX input sanitization errors


The SoX project is an open source tool for sound processing.

The sox command line tool is affected by two heap-based buffer overflows,
respectively located in functions start_read() and AdpcmReadBlock().

A specially crafted wav file can be used to trigger the vulnerabilities.

Affected version:

SoX <= 14.4.1

Fixed version:

SoX > 14.4.1

Credit: vulnerability report received from the Google Security Team.

CVE: CVE-2014-8145


2014-11-20: vulnerability report received
2014-12-02: contacted maintainer
2014-12-13: patch provided by maintainer
2014-12-14: reporter confirms patch
2014-12-15: contacted affected vendors
2014-12-18: assigned CVE
2014-12-22: advisory release



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