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Re: [The ManageOwnage Series, part X]: 0-day administrator account creation in Desktop Central

On 31 December 2014 at 02:17, Pedro Ribeiro <pedrib@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is part 10 of the ManageOwnage series. For previous parts, see [1].
> This time we have a vulnerability that allows an unauthenticated user
> to create an administrator account, which can then be used to execute
> code on all devices managed by Desktop Central (desktops, servers,
> mobile devices, etc).
> An auxiliary Metasploit module that creates the administrator account
> has been released and its currently awaiting review [2]. I will leave
> to someone else the task of creating an exploit that executes code on
> all managed devices (it's not hard to write but testing it properly
> might take a fair few hours).
> I am releasing this as a 0 day as 112 days have elapsed since I first
> communicated the vulnerability to ManageEngine. I received many
> promises about getting updates but they were very evasive (a
> disclosure timeline is at the bottom of this email). The full advisory
> text is below, and a copy can be obtained from my repo [3].
> Regards,
> Pedro

This vulnerability has now been fixed. Upgrade to version 9.0 build
90109 or later. I've updated the advisory in my repo.