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Re: CVE-2015-1437 XSS In ASUS Router.

On Tue, Feb 03, 2015 at 04:54:26PM +0000, kingkaustubh@xxxxxx wrote:
> 8-jan-2015 Repoerted to ASUS 
> 9-jan-2015 Asus confirm that they reported to concern department
> 15-jan-2015 Ask for update from asus asus says reported to HQ
> 28-jan-2015 Ask asus about reporting security foucus No reply from ASUS
> 29-jan-2015 security focus bugtraq

Could you copy-paste their exact responses, thanks? I hope they did not say
"issue has been reported to concern department". This probably affects other
firmwares as well.

Henri Salo