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TangoBB 1.5.0-A3 XSS Vulnerability

# Exploit Title: TangoBB 1.5.0-A3 XSS Vulnerability
# Google Dork: "Powered by TangoBB"
# Date: 24-2-2015
# Exploit Author: Dennis Veninga
# Vendor Homepage: https://github.com/Codetana/TangoBB
# Version: 1.5.0-A3
# Tested on: Firefox 36 & Chrome 38 / W8.1-x64

Published:            24-2-2015
Vendor updated:        24-2-2015

TangoBB ->
Version:            1.5.0-A3
Date:                24-2-2015
Found By:            Dennis Veninga
Exploit info:        XSS Vulnerability
Dork:                "Powered by TangoBB"


Affects: created topic, so an user can infect other users with malware and or take over their systems.