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DokuWiki persistent Cross Site Scripting

Advisory ID: SGMA15-001
Title:	DokuWiki persistent Cross Site Scripting
Product: DokuWiki
Version: 2014-09-29c and probably prior
Vendor:	www.dokuwiki.org
Vulnerability type:	Persistent XSS
Risk level:	Medium
Credit:	Filippo Cavallarin - segment.technology
Vendor notification: 2015-03-18
Vendor fix: 2015-03-19
Public disclosure: 2015-03-23


DokuWiki version 2014-09-29c (and probably prior) is vulnerable to Persistent Cross Site Scriptng in the admin page.

An attacker may use this vulnerability to execute javascript in the context of a logged admin user. 
Since the vulnerable page has forms with the CSRF token (the same for all requests), a full backend compromise may be possible.

To successfully exploit this vulenrability an attacked must:
	1. have an account on the target site
	2. trick and admin to visit a link or to edit user account

Proof of concept:

1. change your account real name to:
	my name" autofocus onfocus="alert('code executed')

2. login as admin and try to edit the user profile from User Manager


Apply the latest hotfix from vendor's site


Filippo Cavallarin