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CVE-2015-2223: Palo Alto Traps Server Stored XSS

Product: Palo Alto Traps Server (formerly Cyvera Endpoint Protection)
Vendor: Palo Alto Networks
Vulnerable Version(s):
Tested Version:
Advisory Publication: 29 March 2015 
Vendor Notification: 17 October 2014 
Vulnerability Type: Stored Cross Site Scripting 
CVE Reference: CVE-2015-2223
Risk Level: High
Solution Status: 
Discovered and Provided: Michael Hendrickx, help AG

About the product:
Palo Alto Traps is an advanced endpoint protection suite that detects attacks such as memory corruption, executable child processes, DLL hijacking, etc.  Aside from optionally blocking it, it sends this ?trap? to a central server for logging purposes.

About the vulnerability:
An attacker can send a SOAP request with JavaScript embedded inside it, which gets stored in the database.  When an administrator monitors the Traps? admin screen and opens details about the vulnerability, the JavaScript is executed on the admin browser.

The XSS works in the <b:Arguments>, <b:FileName> and <b:URL> parameters, for example:


A POC script can be found at the following URL:



The vendor was notified back in October 2014, and a we?ve sent a few follow ups since.  Contact the vendor for the patch details.  


[1] help AG middle East: http://www.helpag.com/ 
[2] Palo Alto Traps: https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/products/endpoint-security.html