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CVE-2015-4674 - TimeDoctor autoupdate over plain-HTTP

TimeDoctor claims to be a software that helps to improve the
productivity of teams, reduce time spent on distractions [1]

TimeDoctor autoupdate feature downloads and executes files over plain
HTTP and doesn't perform any check with the files. An attacker with
MITM capabilities (i.e., when user connects to a public wifi) could
override the Timedoctor subdomain and then execute custom binaries on
the machine where the application is running.

The update mechanisms first downloads update.xml [2] which has
the version number, url and a filename for the new

Fernando Muñoz


Version tested:
TimeDoctor Pro for Windows
Other editions/versions maybe affected.

Demo video:

Vendor acknowledged the issue on Jun 18 and a new version should be
available today (Jun 29).

[1] https://www.timedoctor.com/about-us.html
[2] http://updates.timedoctor.com/download/_production/tdpro/windows/update.xml