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Re: Windows Platform Binary Table (WPBT) - BIOS PE backdoor

"Kevin Beaumont" <kevin.beaumont@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> Microsoft documented a feature in Windows 8 and above called Windows
> Platform Binary Table.

Cf. <http://www.acpi.info/links.htm> where WPBT is linked to
<http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=234840> alias

> Up until two days ago, this was a single Word
> document not referenced elsewhere on Google:
> This feature allows a BIOS to deliver the payload of an executable,
> which is run in memory, silently, each time a system is booted.  The
> executable code is run under under Session Manager context (i.e.

This sort of feature is NOT new: with Windows 2003 Microsoft introduced
the loading of "virtual OEM device drivers" during Windows setup, see

AFAIK at least HP and Dell used this method to deploy [F6] drivers
embedded in their BIOS.


stay tuned
Stefan Kanthak