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AlienVault OSSIM 4.3 CSRF vulnerability report

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to report a vulnerability in AlienVault OSSIM v4.3 products which led to CSRF attack 
here is the news :

and here is the detail of attack:
# Exploit Title: [AlienVault - ossim CSRF]
# Date: [10-5-2015]
# Exploit Author: [MohamadReza Mohajerani]
# Vendor Homepage: [www.alienvault.com]
# Software Link: [https://www.alienvault.com/products/ossim]
# Version: [Tested on 4.3]
Vulnerability Details:
Multiple CSRF vectors exists within AlienVault ossim allowing the following
1)Delete user accounts(ex.admin account)
2)Delete knowledge DB items
Exploit code(s):
The only thing the attacker needs to do is sending the following link to
the victim via GET request , if the victim authenticated on the ossim and
click on the link the following attacks can be occurred :
1)For deleting the
knowledge DB items just send the link below:
[id_document is the item number which you want to delete (it starts from 1)]
2)For deleting the user accounts (ex.admin account) use the link below :
[the random number (1444042812845) is not important at all and you can
change the number to whatever you want]
Severity Level:

Yours Faithfully