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Elasticsearch vulnerability CVE-2015-5377

Elasticsearch versions prior to 1.6.1 are vulnerable to an engineered attack on its transport protocol that enables remote code execution.  This issue is related to the Groovy announcement in CVE-2015-3253.  

Deployments are vulnerable even when Groovy dynamic scripting is disabled.  

We have been assigned CVE-2015-5377 for this issue.  Please note that we published this vulnerability in July, 2015 on our website and forums.

Fixed versions:
Version 1.6.1, 1.7.0, and 2.0.0 address the vulnerability.

Users should upgrade to the 1.6.1 or higher versioned releases.

Users that do not want to upgrade can address the vulnerability by securing the transport protocol port (default 9300) to allow access by only trusted agents.

Overall CVSS score: 5.1

cpnrodzc7 working with HP's Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) found a similar issue with Elasticsearch.